Sustainable Development and Social and Economic growth

Coordinator: J. Soler (Members of the Working Group:

W. Portelli and J.Porfirio)

Brief Description

Development is a broad concept comprising simultaneously the economic, the societal, and the environmental side of human life. Economic growth is critical for development but, to be sustainable it must be balanced with environmental and societal policies, serving simultaneously the present and the future of humankind. To understand the mechanisms that promote sustainable development and economic growth a series of ideas encompassing new theories have emerged recently, from Green Growth to the so-called Doughnut Economics, or even the more radical ideas of Degrowth, or also the post-growth schools of thought.

These new ideas and theories are given way to the development of new initiatives and the promotion of new entrepreneurship opportunities, and at the same time they are changing the way everybody sees growth and development, creating new paradigms for constitutional governance and social and political order, as foreseen since the Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development of 2002.

Within the fundamental values of the European Union as the basis of our work, the aim of the Sustainable development and social and economic growth thematic area is to use scientific knowledge and competencies to embrace all these new trends and ideas and to develop theoretical and empirical studies in order to improve knowledge about this phenomenon, and support the creation of better and happy societies, solving the problems of the present, with the eyes put on the future of the humankind.

We intend to contribute to this end by developing research and producing studies both theoretical and empirical, in all the domains that are covered by this topic, such as entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development; family business sustainability; social innovation; societal development and economic growth; new business models and development; smart cities and development; economic policies and sustainable development, etc.


Impact at EU level

Having in mind the Green Deal principles, the thematic area of Sustainable development and social and economic growth will promote the development of policies and programs of the European Union and of the individual member-states involved, to reach different target groups will be affected by the digital transformation and the resulting innovations:
• Business sector
• Citizens / Civil society
• NGOs
• Higher Education and VET
• Government and administration

Relevant EU projects

CRES Members EU projects relevant in the thematic area

Researches and Studies in the field

A- Papers in International Economic journals written by researchers from this thematic area:

    1. Porfírio, J.A., Carrilho, T. Felício, J.A. & Jardim, J. (2021). Leadership characteristics and Digital Transformation of Portuguese companies, Journal of Business Research. Volume 124, January : 610-619, Impact Factor: 4.874 (june 2019); CiteScore 2020 of 9.2
    2. Porfírio, J. A.; Felício, J. A.; Carrilho, T. (2020), Family business succession: Analysis of the drivers of success based on entrepreneurship theory, Journal of Business Research, 115 (July), 250-257., Impact Factor: 4.874 (june 2019) ; CiteScore 2020 of 9.2
    3. Porfírio, J. A.; Carrilho, T.; Hassid, J. & Rodrigues, R. (2019). Family Business Succession in Different National Contexts: A Fuzzy-Set QCA Approach, Sustainability 11 (22), 17 p., ISSN 2071-1050, available online at: Impact Factor: 2.801 (june 2019)
    4. Porfírio, J.A., Mendes, T.C. & Felício, J.A. (2018), From entrepreneurship potential in culture and creative industries to economic development: the situation of UK and southern European countries. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, pp. 1-15, Springer (2018). Print ISSN: 1554-7191.Online ISSN: 1555-1938, Impact Factor: 3.472 (june 2019)

B- Other international studies in the field of Sustainable development and social and economic growth:

    1. Growth without Economic Growth:
    2. Empirical Study towards the Drivers of Sustainable Economic Growth in EU-28 Countries (2018)
    3. World Bank Study of 1989 on Economic analysis of sustainable growth and sustainable development:
    4. Can Economic Growth be Sustainable? The case of EU 27 (2013):
    5. Next Steps for a Sustainable European Future – European Action for Sustainability (2016):
    6. Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
    7. Global Competitiveness Report Special Edition 2020

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