TINK@school – Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships in school education – Project funded – March 2022
September 30, 2022

“TINK@school – TINKering for sustainability at school

Have you heard the news?!

CRESfb, Centre for Research and European studies – future business, has competed successfully in the recent calls for proposals under the Erasmus+ Programme (March 2022) and has been awarded the European Project – KA2 Cooperation Partnerships in school education, TINK@school – TINKering for sustainability at school!

TINK@school Partnership is composed by 5 relevant organizations coming from 4 different EU countries: Iceland, the Netherlands, Greece, and Italy.

Curious to discover TINK@school future activities and results?

Stay-tuned for the entire project lifetime (from October, 1st 2022 until November, 30th 2024)

TINK@school Project: what is it about?

The overall aim of the Project is to lead teachers of primary and lower secondary schools to push pupils towards sustainable behaviors – both at school and at home – and to contribute to the reduction of global warming (e.g., waste reduction, carbon footprint reduction, water waste, clothes reuse and recycling, etc.)

To this end, children will be both actively involved in creative experiences and stimulating – material and sensorial – activities to help them to deeply reflect on issues related to the environment and sustainability, such as reuse and recycling, happening during their everyday life and of which they are mostly unaware.

Project results:

  1. Good sustainable habits at school and at home
  2. Challenges and benefits/opportunities in introducing tinkering in learning
  3. Methodological approach and instruments for defining the Tinkering toolkit
  4. Tinkering activities, materials and tools
  5. Usability kit