June 20, 2023
RuraLAB 3.0 – Third Transnational Meeting, 19th – 20th June 2023, Nicosia – Cyprus

Third Transnational Meeting, RuraLAB 3.0 19th – 20th June 2023, Nicosia – Cyprus


On 19th and 20th of June the third TPM of the EU-funded project “RuraLAB 3.0 – Fostering Empowerment of Young People in Rural Areas Through Social Entrepreneurship and Employment took place.


Rural areas are generally characterized by high rates of youth unemployment and early school leaving, thus eliciting a very low rate of entrepreneurship, in comparison to urban areas. As a result, young people are forced to move to cities, where job opportunities are much greater, triggering an ever-growing depopulation. It is clearly urgent, indeed, to be committed in making rural areas more attractive, assuring the future of young people in these places, thus contributing to the reduction of the depopulation.  

RuraLAB 3.0 Project aims to equip young people in rural areas with knowledge, skills and competences and with practical instruments in the field of social entrepreneurship, thus fostering their professionalization and employability and preventing them from leaving for urban areas.

The Consortium met together in Nicosia, Cyprus, hosted by Emphasis Center to have an overview of the project progress and discuss about the available deliverables, the activities in progress and the ones to be fulfilled. More specifically, activities R2- Toolkit and MOOC, R3 – Design of the platform “ruraLAB” and R4 – Guides about ruraLAB dynamic and digital rural hubs.

Partners will see again on September 2023, in Rome (IT)

Host institution: Emphasis Center, Nicosia – Cyprus