Planet change

Planetary Protection- Young People as Agents of Change

Sep.2022 – Aug.2025 | Erasmus+ | KA2 | Cooperation Partnership in VET | Project n. 2022-1-NL01-KA220-VET-000085960


There is a great need across Europe to empower 16+ year olds to become agents of change for sustainable development in a meaningful and engaging way. This can be achieved by providing young people a clear understanding of the global threat that our planet is facing. Space science can be the perfect vehicle to study, communicate, and find solutions to modern societal challenges. As the 2018 OECD Report on the future of education shows, education can make a positive impact on the actual volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, and can represent a valuable mean for people willing to embrace the challenges they are confronted with or whether they are defeated by them. Thus, students who are best prepared for the future are change agents with the ability to influence the future, have a positive impact on their surroundings and understand others’ intention.


The overall aim of Planetary Protection Project is to equip young people with knowledge through hands on activities, and discussions on sustainable development under the common thread of space science.


-to create the ideal context in which sustainable development education principles can be promoted, and shaping the educational material that will introduce students in VET education in the notion of ESD.
-to provide a better understanding on space careers; there is a great need in better informing young people on what it means to work for the space industry and the paths towards finding a job in one of them.
-to enable young people to deal with challenges, relationships, transitions, and social systems by helping them in acquiring essential skills such as self-management, personal responsibility, effective communication, curiosity and every day problem solving.


The results will be stemming from six Work Packages:
– WP1: Management
– WP2: Educational framework to guide all the activities and teacher training program
– WP3: Pedagogical strategies and methodologies
– WP4: activities for VET schools ( ESD and space, Space careers) publicly available on the project
platform, easily

– downloadable and accessible and adapted to the VET curricula of each of the members' countries
– WP5: Multimedia enhanced educational activities
– WP6: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation


NEMO – Stichting Nationaal Centrum Voor Wetenschapsen Technologiecommunicate – NL

CRES – Centro Ricerche e Studi Europei-future business – IT
Virtual Campus Lda – PT
Nasjonalt senter for romrelatert opplæring – NO
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias – ES
Stichting Leidse Instrumentmakers School – NL





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