InTeam4IEd – Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project funded – May 2021
November 30, 2021

“InTeaM4IEd – Innovative Teaching Methodologies in Hospitality Schools for Inclusive Education”


Have you heard the news?!

CRESfb, Centre for Research and European studies – future business, has competed successfully in the recent calls for proposals under the Erasmus+ Programme (May 2021) and has been awarded the European Project – KA2 Partnerships for Cooperation, “InTeaM4IEd – Innovative Teaching Methodologies in Hospitality Schools for Inclusive Education”!

InTeaM4IEd Partnership is composed by 6 relevant organizations coming from 5 different EU countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands.

Curious to discover InTeaM4IEd future activities and results?

Stay-tuned for the entire project lifetime (from February, 1st 2022 until July, 31st 2024)

InTeaM4IEd Project: what is it about?

This Project aims at helping teachers and tutors to face learning difficulties related to ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) students of initial VET in the hospitality sector and at supporting them in developing expendable skills within the education system and externally in the hospitality industry. The Partnership, right after having investigate through semi-structured interviews with sector experts the 15 key emerging competences in the field (competency mapping), will develop a ground-breaking Flexible and Hybrid Educational Methodology and Tools (F.H.E.M.T), supported by the creation of an educational app (AI driven chatbot), for teachers to assist students in gaining new sector-specific competences.

InTeam4IEd is expected to produce the following long-term impacts:

  • Providing teachers and trainers with new competences and effective resources and instructional methodologies for students with ASD;
  • Developing a customized learner-centred training path aimed at enhancing the student’s quality of life both within the education path and outside, in the labour market;
  • Assisting ASD students in developing new sectoral competences in line with the labour market requirements;
  • Increasing the professionality and employability of students, in particular those with ASD, in Europe’s hospitality sector;
  • Encouraging ADS students’ integration in VET programs;
  • Promoting social inclusion and equality.


Project Results:

  1. InTeaM4IEd skills and competences Model;
  2. H.E.M.T. – Flexible and Hybrid Educational Methodology and Tools;
  3. InTeaM4IEd App.