Upskilling Trainers to Education 4.0


November 2023 -November 2025 | Erasmus+ | KA2 | Cooperation Partnership in VET | Project n. 2023-1-PT02-KA220-VET-742208B0



Digital education ActionPlan2021-2027,’acknowledges less than 40% of trainers feel ready to use digital technologies and outlines the need to:

  1. enhance digital skills & competences for digital transformation, “boosting digital skills at all levels helps increase growth, innovation and build a fairer, more cohesive, sustainable and inclusive society”;
  2. foster development of a high-performing digital education ecosystem, wherein digital education content & training in digital skills & teaching methods will be essential for trainers.

The 6th action European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness & resilience (2020), clearly outlines that “the development of robust digital competences and organisational capabilities in education and training systems (including for distance-learning) while fully harnessing the potential of emerging technologies, data, content tools and platforms to make education and training fit for the digital age” should be supported.

EC states “educators need the confidence and skills to use technology effectively and creatively to engage and motivate their learners. Digital teaching methods and innovation should be embedded throughout education programmes.”

Training leaders “need to understand how and where digital technologies can enhance education” providing appropriate resources and investment; learning from best practice and supporting relevant organisational change and a culture that values and rewards innovation and experimentation. VET Cedefop’s Network of Ambassadors report (2020), affirms that VET needs to“ develop further the digital competences of trainers”, promoting their participation in continuous professional development” involving them in future policy design.

Aligning with EU values,DIGITRAINER4.0 will support DigiCompEdu & ICTcompetency framework for teachers (UNESCO, 2021) frameworks to place trainers in the best place to complete their transition to the digital era & upskill their abilities related to Education 4.0.


Education 4.0 refers to current state of education with digital tools & newly aligned educational goals. COVID exposed inefficiencies of EU education systems yet also sped up digital transformation in training. DIGITRAINER 4.0’s overall objective is to make trainers more digitally competent & better prepared to support Education 4.0. As highlighted by DigCompEdu, it is “VITAL for them to be equipped with the digital competence” transforming education through technology & automation.


  • Raising awareness that digital knowledge & technology training upskills & implements a culture of innovation.
  • Bringing permanent change & inspire VET decision-makers how digital knowledge implements better training agility & better value for themselves, learners & stakeholders.
  • Communicating with significant stakeholders & policy makers to sensitize them on the importance of digital knowledge in training.
  • Fine-tune trainer digital management skills & transfer learning derived from their project Trainers following the programme will improve their effectiveness and performance.
  • Optimise personal skills (self-confidence,determination).


The results will be stemming from four Work Packages:

– WP1: Project Management

– WP2: Research, design & content

– WP3: Elearning Tools & Piloting

– WP4: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation



P1 SOML Stichting Onderwijs Midden Limburg – NL


P2 CRES – Centro Ricerche e Studi Europei-future business – IT

P3 HR Consulta Ltd. – MT

P4 Dideas, S.L. – SP

P5 Eurodimensions – MT



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