DIGITRAINER 4.0 – Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships in VET – Project funded – March 2023
December 13, 2023

“DIGITRAINER 4.0 – Upskilling Trainers to Education 4.0

Have you heard the news?!

CRESfb, Centre for Research and European studies – future business, has competed successfully in the recent calls for proposals under the Erasmus+ Programme (March 2022) and has been awarded the European Project – KA2 Cooperation Partnerships in school education, “ DIGITRAINER 4.0 Upskilling Trainers to Education 4.0!

DIGITRAINER 4.0 Partnership is composed by 6 relevant organizations coming from 5 different EU countries: the Netherland, Malta, Italy, Germany, Spain.

Curious to discover DIGITRAINER 4.0 future activities and results?

Stay-tuned for the entire project lifetime (from November, 1st 2023 until November, 30th 2025)

DIGITRAINER 4.0 Project: what is it about?

Europe’s 1st pillar and investment is Education. It is challenged by Education 4.0 digital transformation connected with the 4th industrial revolution transforming education through technology and automation.Smart technology, AI & robotics are part of this. Incorporating technology into the curriculum alters the learning process and enhances learning experiences. Trainers must be prepared for this ongoing process.Yet even after the onset of COVID, EC Education & Training Monitor affirmed that large disparities persist, both between and within EU countries in the training sector.

Today, 52% of European workers are in need of reskilling. Investing in the digital skills and continuing education of Europeans is crucial.Trainers should be able to master abilities required by rapidly changing technology. Old educational paradigms must be revisited with futuristic perspective for VET to prepare learners to compete in the labour market.

Aligning with EU values, DIGITRAINER4.0 will support DigiCompEdu & ICTcompetency framework for teachers (UNESCO, 2021) frameworks to place trainers in the best place to complete their transition to the digital era & upskill their abilities related to Education 4.0.

DIGITRAINER 4.0 objectives are to make trainers more digitally competent making them better prepared to support Education 4.0 – Raising awareness, Bringing permanent change & inspire VET decision-makers, Communicating the project with significant stakeholders & policy makers to sensitize them, Fine-tune trainer digital management skills & transfer learning derived from their project participation, Optimising trainer personal skills (self-confidence, determination)

Achievement of the general objectives is linked to the completion of specific objectives of 4 Work Packages (WPs).

Project results:

WP1: Project Management

WP2: Research, design & content

WP3: Elearning Tools & Piloting

WP4: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation