First Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project funded
February 22, 2021

“Promoting Cultural diversity in primary and lower-secondary Schools – DIVERS-CULT ”

Have you heard the news?!

CRESfb, Centre for Research and European studies – future business, has competed successfully in the recent calls for proposals under the Erasmus+ programme and has been awarded its first European Project – KA2 Strategic Partnerships, “DIVERS-CULT – Promoting Cultural diversity in primary and lower-secondary schools”!

DIVERS-CULT Partnership is composed by 5 relevant organizations coming from 5 different EU countries: Iceland, Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania and Romania.

Curious to discover DIVERS-CULT future activities and results?

Stay-tuned for the entire project lifetime (from April, 1 2021 until March, 31 2023)

DIVERS-CULT Project: what is it about?

The Project aims at promoting diversity in classroom as key competence for teachers and students from primary and lower-secondary school through innovative pedagogies, recommendations and educational tools.

In order to achieve such an aim, the Project proposes to equip teachers with intercultural competencies, to make students aware of the relevant educational source diversity represents in classrooms

In particular, students will:

  1. enrich aptitudes and creativity,
  2. promote inter-group contact,
  3. gain opportunities for reflection and peer-learning,
  4. develop cultural self-awareness.


Project Results:

  1. Definition of Key Intercultural Competences Framework for students;
  2. Creation of Multicultural Educational Tools and Guide.