ASD-INtoJOB – Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership for youth – Project funded – March 2023

September 22, 2023

ASD-INtoJOB- Inclusive tools to support the employability cycle of Young Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Have you heard the news?!

CRESfb, Centre for Research and European studies – future business, has competed successfully in the recent calls for proposals under the Erasmus+ Programme (March 2023) and has been awarded the Cooperation partnerships in youth “ASD-INtoJOB – INclusive tools to support the employability cycle of Young Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder“!

ASD-INtoJOB Partnership is composed by 5 relevant organizations coming from 5 different EU countries: Portugal, Romania, Italy, Germany, Greece.

Curious to discover ASD-INtoJOB future activities and results?

Stay-tuned for the entire project lifetime (from October,1st 2023 until May, 31st 2026)

ASD-INtoJOB Project: what is it about?

The objective of the Project is to develop inclusive and smart employment opportunities for prospective young employees who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This will involve adapting, enhancing, and customising the preparation and communication processes involved in recruitment, selection, onboarding, and job retention to cater to the specific traits, requirements, and aspirations of individuals belonging to this particular group.

The project ultimate goals is to design a set of social stories that showcase real-life situations to cover the entire employment cycle. Moreover, an edutainment-based learning application will be developed as a digital mentor (Personal Digital Assistant) to guide job seekers with ASD through the various stages of the process, particularly when they need to prepare for diverse interview scenarios.

Moreover, ASD-INtoJOB aims at raising awareness among employers and HR managers on the significance of developing specific job profiles or assigning particular work tasks for young employees with ASD and the advantages of implementing inclusive and innovative tools in the workplace.

Achievement of the general objectives is linked to the completion of specific objectives of 5 Work Packages (WP).

Project results:

WP1: Project Management
WP2: Situation based assessment reports
WP3: Employability and Training toolkit for YIWASD youth workers
WP4: Entertainment-based learning application for young individuals with ASD-INtoJOB App
WP5: Dissemination, communication, exploitation